Конфликт интересов

Альтернативное правописание: совместное вмешательство В рандомизированном контролируемом исследовании применение дополнительных диагностических или терапевтических процедур к участникам экспериментальной группы/контрольной группы, или к обоим.

conflict of interest

«The funding or reimbursement of a health technology or service that is conditional on specific criteria. Note 1: The funding is often provided by a health care agency or payer, such as: the government, health maintenance organization or health insurance organization. Note 2: The criteria could be: — imposed by the payer (for example, a restriction on the population eligible for the technology, a price-volume agreement or funding tied to the achievement of clinical outcomes), or agreed between the payer and the technology provider as an interim measure during evidence development (for example, managed entry or coverage with evidence development arrangements). Note 3: Related terms include «»monitored use»».»